Recap: Cloud.Community Hackathon 2017

The 1&1 Cloud.Community Hackathon launched on Saturday, March 25 with a lunch at in Europapark Rust, Germany. More than 40 developers from all over the world - including Germany, Spain, Russia, Australia, England, Romania and the USA - arrived to collaborate and compete at the beautiful Hotel Santa Isabel.

Developers worked on 7 exciting projects defined by the sponsors. This year we were also proud to have several female coders taking part in the hackathon, and we hope to have more female participants in the future.

Fabulous Project Work

After an introduction round and the project pitches by the sponsors the attendees had the chance to exchange views and decide which project they want to work on. After making their decisions, the groups started their work on the use cases. Everyone's enthusiasm carried them through, and the teams worked late into the night.

Day 2 began at 9AM, with the attendees highly motivated and excited to get started.

The highlight of Day 2 was the appearance of Hackathon patron Paul Mockapetris. The inventor of the Domain Name System (DNS) told how the story began and how he came up with the idea of the Domain System. Afterwords the hackers used the opportunity to discuss DNS with him.

Fantastic Feedback From the Project Teams

"The Hackathon is extremely well-organized and the participants have a broad spread of different knowledge."

"We have a great time here with an amazing community and fantastic projects and enjoy working on new ideas!“

"The Hackathon offers the opportunity to work with talented developers from different countries – simply wonderful."

"I´m especially thrilled of the growth the event experienced. Last year the Hackathon was fantastic, but way smaller than it is now. It is nice to see that the community character is pushed forward and being lived.“

Cloud.Community Hackathon on stage

Monday morning was reserved for doing final touches and the preparation of the results for the presentation on stage the next day.

On Tuesday morning, the results of the CloudCommunity Hackathon were presented at the stage. Organizer Sabrina Waltz, 1&1 Internet SE, and patron Paul Mockapetris moderated the presentation. Representatives from the project groups presented the outcome of their project ideas.

Thanks to our wonderful participants and sponsors, the hackathon was a big success. Many people at showed an interest in taking part next year.

Many thanks, and a big thank you again to all attendees and the sponsors 1&1, Intel, HEG / GoDaddy, Plesk, InterNetX, OnApp und CMS-Garden!

Be sure to check out the photo gallery, too. See the hackers hard at work, images from the final stage presentation, and more!