Add, Remove, and Manage Users on a Cloud Server Running Linux

Learn how to add and remove users on a 1&1 Cloud Server running Linux. This article also covers how to perform common user management tasks such as changing a user's password and granting a user sudo permissions. [...]  

Introduction to the Linux Command Line

Learn how to use the Linux command line to interact with your 1&1 Cloud Server. The command line is a powerful and necessary tool, but it can be intimidating for beginners. This tutorial is designed to get new users up and running with the basics. [...]  

How to Log In To A Cloud Server Using PuTTY For Windows

Learn how to use PuTTY for Windows to log in to a 1&1 Cloud Server and access the command line. PuTTY is a free program which uses SSL to securely connect to a server. [...]  

How to use Bash Tab Expansion and History Commands on Linux

Learn how to use the History and tab expansion commands which are built into the Bash shell on Linux. [...]  

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