Intro to the 1&1 Container Cluster

1&1 Container Cluster offers a container-based virtualization, which delivers container engines, orchestration and the underlying compute resources all in one product.

  • Create and control your Kubernetes clusters on the high performance 1&1 Cloud platform with just a few clicks.
  • Intuitive container management.
  • Easy administration through the 1&1 Cloud Panel.
  • Flexible, to-the-minute billing model.

Persistent storage is an exciting new feature of the 1&1 Container Cluster. The persistent storage can be accessed during operation, and can be linked to flexibly. These scalable volumes let you store backups, databases, images, and more, since the persistent storage is not connected to specific nodes.

This scalable online service lets customers leverage the power of server clusters without having to build the necessary infrastructure in-house. Read more about Container as a Service (Caas).

The beta version of the platform is closed, and we have officially launched the final version. Any new 1&1 Container Cluster order can currently benefit from a $100 voucher, valid through the first 30 days. Check out more information and sign up for a 1&1 Container Cluster today!


Tags: CaaS / Containers