Introduction to Cloud Panel SSH Key Management

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1&1 has added a new feature to the Cloud Panel: SSH Key management. This new feature makes it simple to organize and manage your SSH keys with a few clicks on the Cloud Panel. Learn more about this feature, what SSH keys are, and how to use them.

What Are SSH Keys

SSH uses cryptography for authentication, for example when a user logs in to a remote server. This acts like a much more secure version of the traditional username and password.

SSH keys are a pair of authentication tokens (one public token and one private token) which are used to authenticate your login. The public token is stored on the server, and the private token is stored on your personal computer.

Why You Should Use SSH Keys

Unlike a traditional username and password, an SSH keypair is a secure login method. SSH keys are long and complex, and virtually impossible to crack with any brute-force method. By comparison, due to human nature, passwords are traditionally the biggest weak point in any given system's security.

Another benefit to using SSH keys is that, unlike passwords, your private SSH key is never transmitted to the remote server. This prevents it from being intercepted and stolen by malware, a compromised server, or other network insecurities.

Cloud Panel SSH Key Management

You will find SSH Key Management in the Security section of your Cloud Panel.

Cloud Panel SSH Key Management: Location

Here you can create and view the public SSH keys which you can use with your Cloud Servers. Click on an SSH key to view the details.

Cloud Panel SSH Key Management: Details

Generate SSH Keys

To make it even easier for you to use SSH keys, you can now generate them through the Cloud Panel, instead of having to use a third-party SSH key generation program. Simply go to Security > SSH Keys and click Create.

Cloud Panel SSH Key Management: Create

You can then choose to either Create a key pair or Import a public key.

  • If you click to Create a key pair a new SSH key pair will be generated for you. The public key will be stored on the Cloud Panel, and the private key download will start automatically.
  • If you click to Import a public key you can upload the public key to the Cloud Panel so that you can install it later when creating a server.

Add SSH Keys to a New Cloud Server

To add your SSH keys to a Cloud Server, click to create a server, then choose a Linux distribution.

Click Advanced Options and choose the SSH key you want to use on the server.

Cloud Panel SSH Key Management: Choose keys

After the server is created, you can log on using your SSH keypair. For more information on how to log on to a 1&1 Cloud Server with SSH keys, see our article How to Log In To A Cloud Server Using PuTTY For Windows.