Install and Use Rancher on a 1&1 Cloud Server With Ubuntu 16.04

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Learn how to install and use Rancher on a 1&1 Cloud Server running Ubuntu 16.04. Rancher is a platform for running containers. It offers native support for running and managing Docker Swarm containers, and allows you to define access policies and manage multiple clusters from one control plane.


  • A 1&1 Cloud Server with a minimum 1GB memory, running Ubuntu 16.04.
  • Docker installed and running on the server.
  • A working knowledge of Docker.

For more information on installing and using Docker, see our articles on the topic.


If you are running a firewall, you will need to allow access to the following ports in order to access the Rancher UI and connect to Rancher from the host:

  • TCP/UDP: 8080
  • UDP: 500
  • UDP: 4500

Start a Rancher Server Container

Rancher runs in a Docker container. This means that instead of installing Rancher the traditional way through apt-get or by downloading a binary, you need only run the following single command:

sudo docker run -d --restart=unless-stopped -p 8080:8080 rancher/server

This will pull the latest Rancher server image from Docker if it is not already found on your system, and start it running in a Docker container.

Use the Rancher UI

The Rancher UI is an easy and convenient way to manage your Rancher installation from a web browser.

To access the Rancher UI in a browser, open your browser and enter the domain name or IP address in the following format:


Add the Server as a Host

The first time you access the Rancher UI, it will prompt you to add a host. To begin, click Add Host to add the Rancher server itself as a host.

Rancher 1: Add host

For this first host, keep the current Host Registration URL as default, and click Save.

Rancher 2: Host URL

There are several options on the next page. For now, simply copy the command to register the host with your Rancher server.

Rancher 3: Copy command

Use Shift + Insert to paste this command into your SSH session. Docker will pull the rancher/agent image if it is not already on your system.

Once this process is complete, return to the Rancher UI and click Close.

Rancher 4: Click close

After a few moments, the server will be registered with Rancher as a host. You can verify this by going to Infrastructure > Hosts.

Rancher 5: Verify host

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