Install and Use Sphinx Documentation Generator on CentOS 7

Sphinx is a powerful, free, open source documentation generator. Although originally developed for use with Python code, Sphinx can be used to prepare and generate any type of documentation, including `.rst` files for use with services like ReadTheDocs ( Sphinx includes an HTML generator which can create a simple, attractive HTML version of your documentation, including automatic organization and Table of Contents. This article will cover installing Sphinx and the basics of Sphinx use and syntax. [...]  

How to Write a Basic Shell Script

Learn how to write a basic Bash shell script. Although shell scripts can be long, complicated scripts which perform complex tasks, you can also learn how to write a simple shell script in 10 minutes. If you can run commands at the command line, learning how to write a basic Bash script is easy. [...]  

Install Vanilla Forums on Ubuntu 16.04

Learn how to download and install Vanilla Forums on a 1&1 Cloud Server running Ubuntu 16.04. Vanilla Forums is free, flexible, and easy to install software package to deploy forums on your server. Designed to be highly customizable, Vanilla Forums offers a curated collection of plug-ins, excellent integration options, and outstanding community management tools. Vanilla Forums is used to power tens of thousands of community forums across the internet. [...]  

Install Webmin on Ubuntu 16.04

Learn how to install Webmin on a 1&1 Cloud Server running Ubuntu 16.04. Webmin is a convenient, easy to use web-based tool which can be used to manage and perform system administration tasks on a Linux server. With Webmin installed, you can manage users and services on your server from a browser window. [...]  

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