Install a 1&1 SSL Certificate on Ubuntu 16.04

After you set up a 1&1 SSL certificate, you will need to install the certificate in order to encrypt the traffic on your server. Learn how to install an SSL certificate on a 1&1 Cloud Server with Ubuntu 16.04 Linux. [...]  

Change Cloud Server Operating System

There are many possible reasons why you may want to change the operating system on a Cloud Server. You may wish to upgrade to a newer version, require a different Linux distribution, or switch between Windows Server and Linux. Learn the best way to accomplish this transition, based on your needs. [...]  

Configure the Firewall Policy

All 1&1 Cloud Server and Baremetal Server accounts come with a Firewall Policy center, which lets you control access to ports on your server. The default Firewall Policy operates as a whitelist, blocking traffic on all but the most commonly-used ports. Learn how to create, configure, and manage a Firewall Policy in the 1&1 Cloud Panel. [...]  

Change a Magento Domain Name

Learn how to change the domain name (URL) of a Magento installation. This is helpful if you wish to migrate a Magento store to a new domain name, or change the base URL of the Magento store. [...]  

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