Get the 1&1 Puppet Cloud Server Module

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The 1&1 Puppet module leverages deployment of 1&1 Cloud servers from a Puppet manifest file and command-line interface.

The 1&1 Puppet module relies on the 1&1 Cloud API to manage 1&1 servers. A Puppet manifest file can be used to describe a desired infrastructure including servers, data center locations for the servers, CPU units, virtual cores, memory, states and other properties. The infrastructure deployment can then be easily automated using Puppet.


  • Puppet 4.x
  • Ruby 2.x
  • 1&1 Ruby SDK (1and1)
  • 1&1 account


  1. Install the 1&1 Ruby SDK gem.

    gem install 1and1
  2. Install the module.

    puppet module install oneandone-puppet1and1
  3. Set the environment variable for authentication.

    export ONEANDONE_API_KEY="your-token-key-here"


Tags: Puppet