Get the 1&1 Docker InfraKit Instance Plugin

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This is a Docker InfraKit instance plug-in for creating and managing 1&1 Cloud servers.

Development of the plug-in is ongoing, and attempts to follow changes and new features in the InfraKit itself.

To view or contribute to this project, visit the GitHub repository.


Before you start, make sure you have installed Go. Follow the steps to obtain InfraKit code and make binaries.

Currently, you can use this plug-in with a plain vanilla plug-in and the default group plug-in.

Get the plug-in source code:

go get

To build the 1&1 Instance plug-in, run make binary in the plug-in repository root. The binary will be located at ./build/infrakit-instance-oneandone.

Use the help command to list the command line options available with the plug-in.

$ build/infrakit-instance-oneandone --help
1&1 Cloud Server instance plugin

  infrakit-instance-oneandone [flags]
  infrakit-instance-oneandone [command]

Available Commands:
  version     print build version information

      --api-key string   1&1 API access key
      --dir string       Existing directory for storing the plugin files (default "/tmp")
      --log int          Logging level. 0 is least verbose. Max is 5 (default 4)
      --name string      Plugin name to advertise for discovery (default "instance-1and1")

Use "infrakit-instance-oneandone [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Run the plug-in:

$ build/infrakit-instance-oneandone --dir ./
INFO[0000] oneandone instance plugin. dir=./
INFO[0000] Listening at: /home/nb/.infrakit/plugins/instance-1and1

Note that if you do not provide the key with the ONEANDONE_API_KEY environment variable, the --api-key flag is required.

From the InfraKit build directory run:

$ build/infrakit-group-default
$ build/infrakit-flavor-vanilla


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